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Our Current Political Spectrum Is Way Off 
From Where The Founders Had Established Us! 

Our nation, over the last century to present day, has been pushed dangerously close to the True Left. Too many battle over being “left” or “right” not realizing the common left/right argument is in actuality a segment of True Left under a Democracy. The nation was founded as a Republic NOT a Democracy. Yes, the US uses the tag of democracy and one could easily argue we are a democratic republic.  What makes us different from the rest of the world is that we have the Rule of Law. It is what separates us from Iran, Venezuela or Cuba all of which consider themselves democracies! That rule of law over the course of time to present day is under heavy threat by radicals infiltrating our government to proposed Super Committees and Presidential Executive Orders!

This chart should give you a visual of where we really are and where we came from... not to mention where some want to take us! Make no mistake about it the progressive movement is hell bent on pushing this nation farther left. History has proven this has never worked and some will argue this chart is really a cycle. As a civilization pushes farther to the True Left the greater chance presents itself that it will eventually come apart into Anarchy; starting the cycle all over again from right to left! So if anything what you should take from this is to stop this move to the left before the unrest you see taking place in the Middle East and Europe comes to American cities and towns. Maybe they have already started with headlines about theft mobs (not flash), violent racially driven attacks or attacks on non union business owners.

If these things upset you good! You cannot sit and wait for someone to come along and stop that move to the True Left. You must come to terms and understand the person you are waiting (while you argue, complain and get angry over everything going on in this country) is YOU!!

(Please review the video below for detailed explanation of how our system of government was established.)