Who are you going to vote for?

This is a question I have been asked a few times, my answer as of today is I don't know yet, they all SUCK and have skeletons in the closet...

What I do know is that this country is in need of a 3rd party.. PEOPLES PARTY,  BUT 2012 is NOT the time to experiment with this as it will only result in splitting the vote and handing Pharaoh Obama a second term.

In '12 for anyone to run independent / 3rd party is selfish, egotistical and will be the end of us all. We cannot take 4 more years of Obama, the socialists left and progressives in power. Granted the 'right' is just bad, as I have said in the past countless times, make no mistake about it they ALL have to go. Nothing will ever change until ALL sitting politicians republicans (R's) & democrats (D's) from local, state to federal levels are removed from power. 

America, push for 3rd party candidates at the local and state level in '12 , continue the push for 3rd party at federal level in '14 that by the time '16 presidential election rolls around the 3rd party will have legitimacy in the political arena and a 3rd party presidential candidate will be a true threat to the establishment.

What I do know is I like ALL OF YOU have principles but reality check is in full effect that whomever the GOP nomination is MUST have complete and total support of the conservative movement. Anyone considering a 3rd party run in my opinion cares more about themselves, ego, their agenda than this nation. 

More importantly for anyone to consider a 3rd party run after technically being shot down BY THE PEOPLE in the primaries is in 100% denial. They WILL NOT get the support/ votes in the general election. Gary Johnson for example  announced he will make this move for a 3rd party run, he has zero support. His 3rd party run will not change the end result. If the people believed in him he would still be in the game, he would be leading in the polls.

We are all tired of politicians thinking they know what’s best for us. Mind you these are the people who got us in the mess we are in today! Yes, even those deemed good are responsible because they did nothing to stop the USS America from the course its on. What is very aggravating to hear is how everyone is tired of DC bullying in our lives and having their will rammed down our throat, yet at the same time those who accuse politicians of this act and their supporters are in fact committing this very crime! What have these know it all's done for the nation outside of their 9-5 job description?

Did they organize with fellow congressmen a government shutdown in protest? Did they organize with fellow congressmen a walkout? What did they do outside their 9-5 job description to stop this mess we are in? Our Founding Fathers put their lives, fortune, careers and sacred honor on the line for what they believe, NONE of our current leaders have crossed that line.... not even those labeled "true statesmen".  They all talk a good game but not one of them has done anything outside their job description, thats a fact. Sorry House/ Senate floor rants, talking big and mighty in an insulting manner that you have "superior intellect” over your competition, proposing bills that go nowhere, invoking the Constitution "to sound good" never explaining yourself in detail doesn't count! Not to mention these things politicians are praised for again falls in line with their job description. It's their job to do and say those things like House floor rants! What did they do in line with the Founders for this nation? 


We all have principles and want to stick with them but 2012 is different. Believe me I get it 100% I know where many of you are coming from with regards to certain "people" but if your candidate doesn't win in the primaries you need to understand the nation in Nov will not support them in a 3rd party run. There are too many people unengaged and uninformed to assume let alone hope they'll have an epiphany and go with that 3rd party candidate. It just won't happen, they don't think that way and the community organizers on both sides will do one hell of a job manipulating them.  The 3rd party must begin as a "bottom up" movement. A 3rd party candidate jumping in NOW cannot win the presidential election. If you have a few years of 3rd party candidates taking seats away from R's & D's then you have a shot at the White House but not now. Furthermore its flat out dangerous, if you haven't seen the news we ARE ON THE BRINK! 

Many of us joke that if it was something inanimate like a rock, we would vote for the rock over Obama. Well you are going to have to make that decision soon. That rock may be a candidate you don’t like! So what will you do? Stand by your principles not vote, write-in or go with a 3rd party candidate knowing all well it will be a indirect vote for Obama? This is fact, and we have already seen examples of 3rd party/ independent runs effect on elections.

This coming election we will be forced to make a difficult decision. Stick to our principles and vote for someone who didn't get the hint in the primaries and runs 3rd party, someone who has no chance thus handing a re-election to Obama, or choose the lesser of evil to vote him out. This is something that is tearing people apart but keep in mind the US cannot withstand 4 more years of Obama, his regime and the progressive movement. Yes, I am saying we are going to have to support whomever gets the nomination for the GOP ONE MORE TIME. Remember what I said about the lower levels, do everything you can to get 3rd party candidates into office.  

Those of you threatening to support your candidate for a 3rd party run or write-in, answer this question: Yes / No

Do you want 4 more years of Obama, the socialists left and progressives in power?

The answer by all should be, No. Do you understand that if you push your candidate as 3rd party if they don't win the GOP nomination

Obama WILL BE re-elected?

Don't believe me? Here are two examples of how 3rd party runs effect a presidential election: 

  1. In 1992 Ross Perot ran 3rd party splitting the vote in favor of Bill Clinton.

  2. In 2004 Ralph Nader ran 3rd party splitting the vote in favor of Bush.

Some of you that like seeing numbers here is another way to look at it:

  1. 40% of the vote goes to Obama

  2. 30% of the vote goes to GOP nominee

  3. 30% of the vote goes to 3rd party candidate

  4. = Obama's 2nd term, America loses... its that simple Wake the Hell Up!

Do you really want to put the nation into this kind of peril by rejecting whomever the people (smart or not, through primaries) and GOP select as the candidate to run against Obama? We are on the verge of destruction folks and we all know our choices SUCK! They all suck, they ALL have contributed to this nightmare course we are on, BUT, if you do this America, if you choose to put ego, and selfish agenda ahead of the nation by staying this course then....

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It will not be easy I know, many will stick to their guns and vote/ write-in their candidate. You need to understand there are consequences to those actions. Yes, you are noble and just doing what's right FOR YOU but what about your family and this country? Thats fine to stick to your guns but you do understand in sticking to your guns you ARE turning your back on America?

Oh yes you are! Yes you made a statement, you took a stand but what will that do for you when Obama is sworn in again? Be able to walk down the street saying "I didnt vote for him"? It won't change the fact that he will be on his second term. Do you really like everything that is going on? The hate and bias coming from the left, media etc? The support of radical groups from Occupy to Soros? It will be 100 times worse, I guarantee it! I'm not going to list it all, do the homework, look at the damage Obama's regime has done to this nation in just 3 years! The national debt alone quadrupled under Obama in 2 years! Look at what he did last minute of 2011, he signed the defense bill with the controversial sections that give the ability for a president to detain United States' citizens! You think the last 3 years was bad you have no idea what he will do in a second term!

Obama has continually defied Congress, the Constitution, thrown America under the bus for our actions internationally and slapped Americans in the face at every opportunity. Let's not forget Obama has issued several Executive Orders going around the epic failure known as Congress, and has spoken publicly that if he has to go around them to get what he wants he will! You think it will stop? You think under a second term he will stop this fundamental transformation of America? How much more is enough to understand as much as you may hate it this time around we have to stop fighting come together as nation, stop this progressive wrecking machine? And that means we are going to have to support whoever wins the primaries to run against Obama.

You're thinking "no I'll stick with my candidate an push 3rd party/ write-in". Ok fine you will have saved face for sure but let me be frank,

don't you DARE BITCH or MOAN about what Obama does in office for the next four years when your 3rd party candidate torpedoes the '12 election. It’s your choice, your vote just remember there will be repercussions if any candidate is pushed for a 3rd party run.  

So, who I am voting for in the primaries is someone who most likely won't get the nomination. There is no perfect candidate. There is no George Washington or Abraham Lincoln coming to the nations rescue. My answer to the posed question for the general election is I will support whomever the nation chooses as the GOP candidate to run against Obama even if he or she SUCKS!

None of them, even after everything we have learned along the way, are anywhere close to Obama on the suck-o-meter!!

Who Are You Going to Vote For? Case Against 3rd Party Run in 2012